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  • Jeremiah Bowman

Hello October...

October 4, 2019

“Life starts all over again in the Fall - F. Scott Fitzgerald

By: Kari Bowman

Well, hello October. This is one of our families favorite times of the year.

October is for new beginnings, cooler temperatures, Friday night lights, volleyball games, soul warming comfort food, sitting by the fire, pumpkins, ghosts and lil’ goblins.

October is also a time for things to slow down and for rejuvenation to begin...

Rejuvenation in the fall is not only important for each of us, but also for our lawns to stay healthy. As the cooler temperatures start to arrive, October is not a time to back off from your lawn care. In fact, our lawns have been taxed by the summer heat and lack of rain and they are stressed to the max. Right now is the perfect time to apply the appropriate nutrients to help your lawn rejuvenate and prepare for next years growing season. October is also the perfect time to install new sod, or that landscaping project you put on hold due to the summer’s heat.

So sit back in your cozy socks with your pumpkin spice latte and give the trained professionals at HCSD’s a call (210) 912-5605 to receive a free estimate. Let us help you rejuvenate and prepare your lawn for next year’s backyard picnics, pool parties and BBQs.

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