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Irrigation Installation:

HCSD and our licensed Irrigation Specialist can help you determine what sprinkler system is best your lawn.  Providing appropriate water coverage to help protect your investment, your lawn.  We offer various options including drip irrigation, Rainbird, Hunter and Wifi capable systems. 


Once installed we will work with you to ensure that your lawn is being watered properly. 


We will also work with you during drought season to scale back and modify your system to meet with your cities watering requirements. 

Click here to schedule an irrigation assessment.



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Irrigation Services & Repairs:

Hill Country Scapes & Design will assess your current system and identify any breaks, leaks, or other issues that your current system might be experiencing. 


We will provide you with recommendations on modifications, repairs or replacement systems. All while helping you save money and protecting your investment.   


*Service Fee will be applied for Irrigation Repair visits*

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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